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Working Together For Our Kids

Status Update January 23, 2004

On behalf of the entire Lakewood Unified School District Organizing Committee, it is my pleasure to wish you all a Happy New Year!  It is also my pleasure to provide you the latest news on committee activities.

Following a long and comprehensive study of the educational delivery system in Lakewood, the City's consultants, Management Analysis and Planning Inc. (MAP), recently delivered their findings to the Lakewood City Council.

In summary, MAP confirmed that educational opportunities in Lakewood are a mixed bag.  There are some success stories such as the Intensive Learning Center and Madison Elementary School, however, it is clear that not all Lakewood students are receiving the public education they deserve.  For example, low income students in Lakewood are performing below3 state standards in English and Lakewood campus are significantly overcrowded due to the seemingly endless stream of portable classrooms being placed onto playgrounds.  The study also confirmed that students at Lakewood high school have fewer opportunities to attend advance placement and honors lasses, thus making them less competitive for college entrance.

Additionally, the study confirmed the massive volume of bussing into Lakewood campuses and that the Paramount Unified School District continues to be, by far, the worst school district serving Lakewood.  As a result, the majority of Lakewood students eligible to attend Paramount schools are forced to find other public or private school options.

Finally, the MAP consultants cautioned that a new attempt to form a Lakewood unified School district would be likely to fail in the short term due to political and fiscal issues in Sacramento.  They endorsed the goal, however, and recommended that it remain a long-term option for Lakewood.  We will make sure it does.

The Lakewood City Council directed staff to share the findings with each of the fours school districts serving Lakewood and solicit their cooperation in making improvements.  Other recommendations that were approved included the sponsorship of an initiative to have the Paramount Unified portion of Lakewood annexed by either Bellflower or Long Beach Unified and to create a city commission to monitor school district performance and enhance communication between Lakewood parents and school officials.

Lakewood City Council is especially supportive of the desire to remove Paramount Unified from Lakewood once and for all.

The 2003 Fireworks stand was a tremendous success and we thank all of you who volunteered to staff it. We also appreciate everyone patronizing the stand for your fireworks purchases.  This year's stand will once again be at the corner of Carson St. and Los Coyotes Diagonal. We hope to see you there.

Because of the ongoing success of our fireworks stand, the Executive Committee ahs voted to donate a portion of our proceeds to Lakewood Schools and teachers.  We want to do our part to help current Lakewood students while we continue the fight for systemic improvements. The effort will begin in early 2004.

February 2001


The California State Board of Education on Thursday (Feb 8th, 2001) morning rejected the proposal by Lakewood residents to form a Lakewood Unified School District. 

The board turned down the Lakewood school district plan because, the board said, it failed to meet four of the state's nine criteria for new district formation.

The city of Lakewood issued the following statement:

“We're confident that the Lakewood City Council will use the new authority granted to cities this year to petition the County Committee on School District Organization directly. We will seriously consider reshaping our proposal in light of all legitimate concerns expressed by the county committee and the Board of Education.

“In the meantime, we hope all sides in this controversy will lower their rhetoric and roll up their sleeves to work on improving education in Lakewood's classrooms. The dream of a new school district tomorrow should not cloud our need for major educational improvements today.”

The proponents also point out that the local County Committee on School District Organization had found that the proposed new district meets state criteria for racial balance. 

This is merely a setback, not the end.  The voters deserve an opportunity to vote on this issue.  We will try again.

Finally, we encourage everyone to stay in touch with us at (562) 496-3559.  Feed us any news you have about our local school districts, additions to the mailing list, and/or anything else that comes to mind.  Also, please don’t hesitate to call if you have any questions or concerns with which we may be able to help.  Thanks for your continued support.   

Please send the letters to:

4045 Bouton Drive
Lakewood, CA 90712

What's Next? The completion of the most recent study in 2004 by the Management Analysis and Planning, Inc (MAP) consulting group makes it plain that to efforts at this time to form a new district would not be favorably received in Sacramento. We will concentrate our efforts at present on merging the portion of Lakewood currently served by the Paramount Unified School District into either the Bellflower or Long Beach Unified School districts. This will serve to both improve the education those students receive and to reduce the number of school districts we will eventually have to deal with when we do start the process of forming our own district again.

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